Magick Vegan Meals Menu

Solar Moon would love to deliver you vegan, gluten free, and nightshade free yummy meals! *See meal options below.

Ordering and price info is after the menu*

*Main Dish*





~ Pasta Bowls~



Moon N' Cheez

brown rice macaronis tossed in a creamy cashew sauce. Topped with tempeh bakin' crumble and spring onions. Comes with extra sauce.

Dream of Pad Thai

Rice noodles tossed with broccoli, purple cabbage, spring onions, ginger, and cilantro infused in a juicy peanut lime sauce. Garnished with bean sprouts.

*Main Dish*




Solar Potato Wraps

grilled cabbage, baked sweet potato, greens and turmeric cashew sauce wrapped in a brown rice tortilla. Includes a side salad with our homemade vinaigrette.

So~Flow Veggie Wraps

grilled turnip, avocado, tempeh stripz, cucumber, romaine and turmeric cashew sauce wrapped  in a brown rice tortilla. Includes a side salad with our homemade vinaigrette and extra sauce.

  ~ Witches and Wraps ~




Journey Witch

grilled zucchini, pan seared tempeh, and cashew lime sauce on our homemade grain free bun. Includes a side salad with our homemade vinaigrette


Chick Witch

chickpeas mashed into a creamy blend with cashew mayo, celery, onions, and carrots, topped with greens and served on our homemade grain free bun. Comes w/ a side salad & homemade vinaigrette.

TLC Witch

sweet coconut glazed Tempeh strips, Lettuce, and Cucumber  garnished with cashew moon cream and served on our homemade grain free bun. Includes a side salad with our homemade vinaigrette.

Jibarita Witch

pan fried black bean oat patty topped with cilantro sauce, caramelized onions, and greens, served between two fried green plantains (tostones). Includes a side salad with our homemade vinaigrette. 



~ Filling Starts~





Ceviche Magick

 mushrooms, onions, chickpeas, garlic and cilantro infused in lime juice. Served with grilled sweet potato to compliment the savory tart flavor.

Mofongo Drops

mashed green plantain and garlic rolled into flavorful drop sized bites. Comes with cilantro sauce for dipping. A homage to Puerto Rican roots.

Cosmic Veggie Rolls

carrot, cucumber, beet, and avocado wrapped in nori and sushi rice. Decorated with dulce flakes and quinoa "eggs." Served with our homemade coconut sesame sauce.

Solar Quinoa Rolls

nori filled with turmeric quinoa, tempeh, avocado, cucumber, and carrots.  Decorated with sesame seeds. Served with our homemade coconut sesame sauce.

Green Mama Boats

lettuce leaves filled w/ baked brussel sprouts, tempeh, garlic, and celery. Served w/  dill cashew cream.




~  Corn Empanadas ~

Sacred Bean

savory black bean filling. Comes with cilantro sauce.

Sweet Coco Queen

coconut glazed tempeh, zucchini, and grilled cabbage filling. Comes with coco sesame sauce.


Lunar Cheeze

gooey cashew cheez filling. Comes with cilantro sauce.



Creamy Garden

sauteed spinach and gooey cashew cheez. Comes with turmeric cheez dip.






~ Fresh Greens~


Turnip the Lime

kale and grilled turnip flavored with dill and lime juice dressing.

Chick Witch Pasta Salad

brown rice pasta combined with chick witch mix (chickpeas mashed into a creamy blend with our cashew mayo, celery, onions, and carrots). Garnished with thinly sliced spinach.

Tropical Abundance

 romaine lettuce tossed with saucy black beans, tostones crumble (fried green plantain), and cilantro sauce. A homage to our Venezuelan and Puerto Rican Roots.

Heart Beet

kale, roasted beets, and radish tossed in a triple root (turmeric, ginger, garlic) vinaigrette

Tahini Moon

kale, mixed greens, cucumber, and carrot ribbons tossed in a creamy sunflower tahini dressing




~ Liquids ~


Cane Loves Lime Juice

freshly squeezed lime juice infused with cane syrup and coconut water.

Blue Dream Juice

blueberries and coconut water.

Mint Galaxy Juice

mint infused with coconut water.

Tropical Faerie Tea

elderberry, moringa, and coconut sugar.


*Herbal, Root, Bark Teas and Nut Mylks available by request*



~ Sweets ~ 

Moon Granola

crunchy homemade oat granola, flavored with tahini, coconut shreds, and chocolate chips.

Tembleque Shots

coconut pudding made from homemade coconut mylk, garnished with cinnamon. Served in mini bell jars. A homage to an already vegan, Puerto Rican dessert.


Banana Crater Muffins

 banana oat muffins topped with cane coconut glaze frosting and lime dust. Chocolate chips optional (+$1) 


Nutty Beach Cookies 

peanut butter flavored with seashell design. Chocolate chips optional (+$1) 

Cave Jam Cookies

peanut butter flavored cookies with homemade raspberry jam in the middle.

Raw Mountain Drops

walnuts, almonds, coconut, and dates blended into drop sized bites and rolled in coconut shreds . Maca powder optional (+1)


3 Day Magick Meal Plan Options


*Look at the following options and see which one is the best fit for you. Sweets can be ordered separately through our order form (link below). Once you have a idea of what you would like to order, you are ready to fill out our order form. Any edits to your meals can be made through our order form. You can also add additional main dishes and starters through the form as well. It is important to note that after 3 days, food is no longer fresh.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us through our communications page.*



Option 1 ~ Choose 3 main dishes

Total = $33

Option 2 ~ Choose 3 main dishes &  3 starters  

Total = $52


Option 3 ~ Choose 3 main dishes, 3 starters, & one 32 oz liquid  

Total = $60

** BEST  DEAL **

Option 4 ~ Choose one 64 oz (half gallon) liquid 

Total = $25

Option 5 ~ Choose a variety of main dishes, starters, and/or liquids. This option is for those having a small lunch/dinner night (minimum $33 dollars). You can also order our catering service if this suits you better. *Total price depends on what you choose*

Before Placing Your Order, Please Note the Following: You must order 3 days in advance of your preferred delivery date. Deliveries are made Monday through Sunday, from 12pm - 7pm within Broward and Miami-Dade Counties (excluding Miami Beach and South Beach). Delivery fees depend on your location, but range from $2-$10. Payment may be made by card or by cash. Once you fill out the order form, we will contact you within a day to confirm your order. Thank you for supporting Solar Moon!


Click link below to order!

~3 day magick meal plan~

*Please use the communications page for any additional comments and/or questions*

~ Packed Bowls & Tacos~


 ~ Grain Bowls~

Magick Beans

saucy black beans and turmeric quinoa, tempeh bakin' crumble, green plantain, cilantro sauce, pineapple salsa and our cashew sour cream. A homage to Puerto Rican & Venezuelan Roots.

Gentle Lentil

lentils mixed with turmeric quinoa, flavored with celery, onions, and cilantro. Garnished with romaine lettuce, pan seared tempeh, and cilantro sauce.

Sun Fried Quinoa

sesame flavored turmeric quinoa stirfry with zucchini, cabbage, carrots, snap peas, onions, garlic, and ginger. Topped with sweet coconut sesame sauce. Our take on  "chinese fried rice."

Creamy Veg Melody

veggie medley of sautéed broccoli, sweet potato, and zucchini in a creamy cashew sauce. Garnished with solar dust (roasted seeds spiced with garlic and turmeric) and served with forbidden black rice.

Sprout Love

baked brussel sprouts and tempeh, infused with triple roots (turmeric, ginger, garlic), garnished with roasted pumpkin seeds and dill cashew cream. Served with forbidden black rice.




~ Tacos~

Piña Goddess Tacos

grilled juicy pineapple and sauteed mushrooms garnished with cilantro, purple cabbage, and romaine lettuce. Served on homemade corn tortillas.

Re~fried Abuela Tacos

re~fried red beans with onions and guacamole, garnished with romaine lettuce and cashew sour cream.

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