Are You Ready For The Deeper Meaning?

Before explaining what "Solar Moon" means, you should understand the visual creative journey Solar Moon has been through within the last 2 and a 1/2 years. Our logo has been transformed 4 times, every time we have been through a major transformation. Everything has been visualized cosmically by Selena and artistically conjured by Paola. Here is the visual journey:









The energy of Solar Moon was originally transformed from Selena's juice business called "Moon Juices" and Paola's food business called "The Vibe." A few weeks after meeting and falling in love, Paola and Selena were already on their first camping adventure in the Everglades of South Florida.  After a few fires and yummy charcoal sweet potatoes, they started to connect their ideas and transformed their cosmic queer love energy into something epic. Selena was inspired by the name "Solar Moon." Selena is the Moon, and Paola is the Sun~ La Sol (Solar), so why not combine it into Solar Moon? They related deeply to the concept of "Solar Moon", which is a combination of all the nutritious food elementals they were creating together, which seemed to be very balanced in nutrition, flavor, and cosmic~ness. They were, and are, on "fire" with passion to create plant based magick. "Plant Based Magick" is the slogan they chose to come after "Solar Moon," because the healing foods they create with plants are "magick." 


The Pilón addition to Solar Moon's business image happened because of the need to visually reflect Selena and Paola's ancestry. The Pilón, also known as a mortar and pestle, is an ancient, cosmic, and magickal way of bringing forth healing through plants. Pilóns' are used for crushing spices, roots, herbs, and usually starchy foods. Selena, being Puerto Rican, grew up with the Pilón being used to make mofongo, a popular Puerto Rican dish of mashed plantain, with African origins. Paola, being Venezuelan, also grew up with the Pilón being used for mashed corn, used for popular dishes like arepas, with indigenous origins. They wanted to connect Solar Moon more towards their roots through a logo representative of their identity as Latinx Womxn, as well as with a literal action of magick creation, like their slogan "plant based magick" states. The Full and crescent Moon symbol in their logo originates from the symbol of moon phases, which also represents the Goddess symbol. The Goddess symbol represents life, death, and re-birth, as well as the power that Womxn hold. In our re-creation of this logo, the moon is a solar moon, meaning, a moon on "fire," a moon reflecting the sun power~fully. A reminder that "you are what you reflect," and this includes the food you put into your temple.    Since they are connected to the multiverse and the earth, they felt the combination of plant creations symbolized in a Pilón, and the cosmos spilling out, represented the abundance of magic that is always with them.



Call Abundance Forth, and it Will Come.

The Moon On Fire

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