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Our Core



Our love for food, flavor, and nostalgia is the core of Solar Moon. Additionally, our sensitivities to gluten, nightshades, and processed foods are part of this core as well, especially since we know there are people with sensitivities and auto immune conditions like ours. We have generally been frustrated with the lack of creative vegan food options, even at vegan restaurants. Many or all of the options contain nightshades and/or processed ingredients, making it difficult to eat out anywhere. In our kitchen we do not use anything that has msg; this means no fake vegan "meats" (that all have msg aka monosodium gluamate or natural flavor), or fake oily vegan cheeses. We know they are good to some, but 1) they are not very affordable, and 2) they are processed foods, not whole plant foods. Affordability, simple nutritious ingredients, and respecting plants for the magick they are, is what is important to us. This is why our kitchen is our sanctuary; a place for healing, creation, and transformation. 


At Solar Moon, everything is made with love. The energy put into our creations are sacred. This includes the fact that our food is cruelty free (no factory farmed animal products involved), mostly organic and non-gmo, and as fair-trade as possible. The flavor we create is known as "Sazón." This "Sazón" comes from our tropical ancestry, which is a powerful blend of Puerto Rican and Venezuelan roots. Our nostalgia is rooted in Ancestral foods we ate in our childhood and before becoming plant based, that we have re-imagined without meat, dairy, gluten, or nightshades. Our nostalgia is also rooted in international take out foods we grew up with, when we lived in cities like New York and Caracas. We are grateful for these inspirations, because with our eclectic options, there is something for everyone. We are excited to meet you  and introduce you and many others to the vast possibilities of cosmic, nutritious and delicious foods & liquids created with whole plant ingredients. We promise that after trying our food, you will feel peace~fully satisfied.







Cosmic Beginnings

We (Paola and Selena, the chefs and owners of Solar Moon) met one another while vending at an event in Miami, FL, during March 2017. Selena was selling plant based liquids, desserts, and snacks, while Paola was vending plant based food. This was no coincidence. The cosmos aligned, and from this day forward, we were inseparable and more inspired than ever before. Nourishing our bodies, souls, and minds with nutritious whole foods and liquids, has influenced us in wanting  to bring this awareness to those seeking transformation or just some yummy vegan food. It has been a rocky journey given the lack of financial resources, but that has not stopped us from our dream and reality of one day opening a restaurant and event center. In the meantime, we are focusing our energy on meal plan delivery, vending, and catering. Both vegans and non-vegans have raved about our food, liquids, and desserts. Many have asked us if we could offer cooking classes or pop ups, which we would like to do in the near future. We are only just beginning our Solar Moon Magick!












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